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The quickest way to destroy a crush is to ask for their views on feminism.

its really painfully true


“I felt like my pop music made me have to retell my story. My credibility as an MC—I never thought I would have to explain that.” - Nicki Minaj

Read more from her cover feature interview for the Aug/Sept 2014 issue of The Fader


The stelae field at Tutu Fella, Ethiopia, is a 9th-14th century graveyard filled with one hundred and thirty rounded stone columns—each with linear or anthropomorphic decorative carvings—that mark the burial sites of local aristocrats (and supposedly commemorate the reigns of local rulers).


Pam Grier in Jackie Brown (1997)


Ghana: Dies und Das
Amedzofe, Volta Region
photography by Johannes Carolus (of Lux & Laune)


Krystal Cantu 

that’s my cousin.
Usually said for a person that is not your cousin, but is like family, or considered relative. May also genuinely just be a cousin (via blackproverbs)